Quotes & Testimonials

Here are a list of just a few of the comments we've received from those who've worked with the IFO.

As an engineer and producer, I have worked in the live theatrical, television, and recording divisions of the audio business in the US for 35 years, for diverse cliental such as PBS, ABC, CBS, Sony, Radio City Music Hall, Theater des Westen, and RCA, with projects including outdoor spectaculars, game tracks, symphonic recordings and television tracks.

I have utilized IFO on many occasions over the years, and have always marveled at the capabilities of the orchestra, and the professionalism and efficiency of Caitriona Walsh. She really does go the extra mile on every project, and that same sense of urgency and pride is reflected in the attitudes of her players. Her honesty and candor is invaluable. IFO gives every product a finished quality that is hard to surpass. "
Daniel Gerhard - Radio City.

I have worked with the Irish Film Orchestra for many years. I have learned about the superb quality and attitude of Irish Symphonic musicians when we did the first and successive orchestral overdubs for Katie Melua’s first three albums, each selling 3m copies.

I have never met an orchestral “fixer” more knowledgeable and more dedicated than Catriona Walsh. I have happily conducted many ensembles put together by her and confidently expect to return to Dublin soon to do more symphonic projects. I have always believeed that the rates in Ireland are a fair exchange of musicianship and brilliance for the rates offered, and I will not hesitate to return as soon as possible."
Mike Batt - Composer.

Caitriona Walsh's deft and careful judgment in choosing just the right people, both temperamentally and professionally, has been the hallmark of her work with Irish Film Orchestras. I have had the pleasure of working with her since the foundation of her company and no matter how frantic or complex a session may become, her calm oversight has always delivered a superior result, gracefully, and with a minimum of fuss."
Bill Whelan - Emmy Award Winner - Riverdance

Everyone knows recording an orchestra is often the most stressful, and certainly the most expensive part of a production...the Irish Film Orchestra are that rare breed of ensemble that perform much more than the dots on the page - they are truly a versatile orchestra that mix world-standard musicianship with unrivaled enthusiasm for the work in which they're involved"
David Downes - EMMY nominated composer & producer.

I have had the pleasure of working with Caitriona Walsh and the Irish Film Orchestra on many occasions and have always been impressed by the high quality and professionalism of the service. Caitriona's friendly efficiency not to mention the world class standard of the musicians she provides with IFO ensures that I get the best possible results each time."
Ronan Hardiman - Composer, Lord of the Dance.

I would definitely recommend Irish Film Orchestras. Caitriona makes sure to get the best players available and organizes everything so that you can just focus on composing the music. There are no hidden charges, her attitude is very positive and she's very upfront about everything. She keeps me informed of my options and does everything she can to assist me in making the best choices possible for a recording session. Irish Film Orchestras are my first choice when recording a film score in Ireland.'
Niall Byrne - Composer

The IFO is a fabulous orchestra made up of top drawer european musicians. i've used them on two different (record) productions, and their performance was flawless....really good time, and always in tune, added up to the perfect feel, and exactly what one needs to make a great record. The services surrounding them is of the same quality, from catriona, the manager, to the engineer and the studio (and the food)....all great."
Rob Buchanan

I've used Irish Film Orchestra for many recording sessions. It has always been a pleasure to work with the finest musicians, carefully hand-picked by the wonderfully thorough Caitriona Walsh"
Frank McNamara